Adam Nathaniel Furman & Mirrl

Adam Nathaniel Furman’s practice spans architecture and interiors, sculpture, installation, writing and product design. He explores ideas and possibilities through his studio ‘Productive Exuberance’ at Central St Martins, and the Research Group ‘Saturated Space’ which he runs at the Architectural Association, London. Furman was Designer in Residence at the Design Museum, London between 2013-14, received the Blueprint Award for Design Innovation in 2014, and was awarded the UK Rome Prize for Architecture 2014-15. In 2016 he was one of the Architecture Foundation’s ‘New Architects’ and a L’Uomo Vogue Design Star. In 2018 Furman was awarded the Blueprint Award for best small project.

Mirrl​ is a Scottish company manufacturing in Govanhill in Glasgow, founded in 2018 and run by Simon Harlow and Lewis Harley to design and produce a new solid surface material. Taking its name from the old Scot’s word for a pattern found in nature, Mirrl has a very distinctive organic pattern. The layers of resin are coloured by hand affording an infinite choice of colours and combinations. Mirrl is frequently made on birch plywood, it is joinery-ready and can also be produced on other substrates making it suitable for showers, exterior cladding or other applications. Mirrl made its Scottish debut at DES 2018.