Daniel Brophy

Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design and craft, Daniel Brophy emulates a design approach that is pared down and lean. He always considers the rhythm of a piece: the space between each leg, the differing distances between each wooden spoke in his Side Chair. In doing this Brophy emphasises negative space, subtle angles and tapering lines.  

Brophy specialises in ebonising, a process of darkening wood. He applies a homemade solution of iron-acetate made from steel wool and distilled white vinegar which reacts to the natural tannins in the oak, creating an intense opaque black finish. This finish exposes the depth of the wood’s grain and character. This chemical reaction gives a deeper more long-lasting and durable finish to the wood, and in turn creates furniture with an engaging silhouette.  

Daniel Brophy is based in Edinburgh, he is a designer/maker and graduate of The Chippendale International School of Furniture, East Lothian (2016). Recent exhibitions include: Working Title, Custom Lane, Edinburgh (2018/19); Edinburgh Furniture Collective, Custom Lane, Edinburgh (2018); The Chippendale International School of Furniture Design Show, Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh (2016).