Lucy Grainge

The DES 2019 Handout is designed by Lucy Grainge and forms part of an ongoing body of work informed by swimming pools and the woggle, a lozenge-shaped float that acts as a swimming aid. As a part-time swimming teacher, Grainge frequently uses woggles to provide support and safety for novice swimmers.  

Long fascinated by water, the human body in water and how the flexibility of the woggle allows it to echo and support the human form, Grainge’s pattern-based design work is structured around movement, symmetry, rhythm and balance – all vital to swimming.  

The DES Handout is printed using the Riso technique. In 2018 Grainge had a 2-month residency at Out of the Blueprint as part of a creative programme marking the Year of Young People 2018. Out of the Blueprint is a Leith-based print studio and the residency enabled Grainge to explore the possibilities of Riso, a method of printing that combines real ink and a photo-copier-like printing system that allows a great level of colour and tone variation.   

Lucy Grainge is a Glasgow-based illustrator/designer. Grainge graduated in Communication Design from  The Glasgow School of Art and from Manchester School of Art. Her interests include community arts, research-led projects  and exploring different contexts for illustration. A large part of her work focuses on dyslexia and creativity; she runs dyslexia and art workshops in schools and for community groups. Previous clients include: The Glasgow School of Art; The University of Edinburgh; Glasgow International; Hidden Door; Bridge 8 Hub; MAP Magazine and The Skinny.  Grainge is co-founder of Psyche; a risograph publication focusing on socio-political issues and the human condition.