c.a. walac

Room for Irregularities is c.a.walac’s first furniture collection. Comprising a series of functional sculptural objects made in hand blackened steel, their forms are inspired by the contours of lochs and the landscape of the Scottish Highlands. 

Mirror was informed in particular by a night-time drive taken by walac in Loch Lomond and seeing the reflection of a full moon on still dark water. Glasgow’s industrial past and the geometry of steel structures have also given impetus to walac’s work and an interest in how these two very different landscapes can merge, bringing about a new aesthetic.  

c.a. walac. is a French artist and furniture designer based in Glasgow. She received an MFA from Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Arts de Paris Cergy in 2015 where she studied sculpture and installation and an MFA from University Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne in 2014. She moved to Glasgow in 2016 and established studio walac in 2018. She was recently awarded The Lighthouse and Cove Park Crafts 2019 Residency, which culminated in an exhibition, Social Alchemy, at The Lighthouse.