Lee Ivett

With contemporary society’s growing addiction to ‘sharing’ images, opinions and tirades through the digital world of social media, Ivett considers what it means to create an actual physical space from which we can share, with care and in person. Confessional speculates on a space where everyone has the right to be heard along with the obligation to listen. This model starts a process of exploration into what form, volume, tectonic and experience such a space should provide. A space for two people to exchange hopes and pains; desires, joy and secrets but with anonymity and privacy.  

Confessional will be further developed in collaboration with artist Susie Olczak at this year’s Hello Wood live-build festival in Hungary, where a 1:1 prototype will be constructed with a team of architecture and design students. 

Lee Ivett lives and works in Gourock and Preston. He is the founder of participatory architecture, art and design studio Baxendale. His practice is organic and generative, developing low-budget socially-led projects within communities across the UK. Ivett frequently collaborates with artists, makers, dancers, choreographers, growers, academics and musicians to generate projects within a range of spaces, public and private. Ivett is Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for BSc. Hons Architecture at the Grenfell Baines Institute of Architecture, Preston. Baxendale was selected for the publication New Architects 3 and was a contributor to the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, working with Wave Particle on Scotland’s award winning project ‘The Happenstance’.