The trestle table, a long-time furniture staple, has been reinvigorated by Mirrl. Their new trestle table champions durability and versatility. Double-sided, it features two different Mirrl colourways, enabling it to be flipped to both afford different uses and change the mood of any room. It is collapsible, so can be easily dismantled and placed flat against a wall. The trestle legs can be stacked or used for further table tops. The double-sided Mirrl trestle table can be produced in various sizes, heights and colourways.  

Mirrl​ is a Scottish company manufacturing in Govanhill in Glasgow, founded in 2018 and run by Simon Harlow and Lewis Harley to design and produce a new solid surface material. Taking its name from the old Scot’s word for a pattern found in nature, Mirrl has a very distinctive organic pattern. The layers of resin are coloured by hand affording an infinite choice of colours and combinations. Mirrl is frequently made on birch plywood, it is joinery-ready and can also be produced on other substrates making it suitable for showers, exterior cladding or other applications. Mirrl made its Scottish debut at DES 2018.